Summer Menu 2021

We work in collaboration with small suppliers in order to offer local and quality food.

Our duck eggs come from à Les Cancaneuses Farm (L’Orignal)
Wagyu beef à Guy Noiseux Farm (Marieville)
Rabbit meat à Besnier Farm (Saint-Évariste)
Bakery products à Arhoma (Montreal)
Meat lamb à Pré du Mouton Noir (Carignan)
Honey à La Fabrique à miel (Melbourne)

Herbal teas à La Tisanerie Mandala (Montreal)
Fresh herbs are picked in our little garden

starter, main course, dessert $39,00
starter, TARTARE, dessert $45,00

Grilled pumpkin seeds with salted spices
Basket of homemade potato chips cooked in duck fat
Vegan falafel, sesame sauce and crunchy vegetables
Variety of olives, with Mediterranean tastes and textures
Homemade sausages, one grilled and one dried; blueberry mustard
Cabotinade plate of 5 appetizers $22,00

Burratina, tomato, fresh herb oil and shallot
Quebec vegetable and lettuce salad
Cold soup of local products featured in the season
Mushroom and pistachio tart, on a puff pastry brushed with olive oil
Wagyu beef carpaccio, grana padano shavings, arugula, olive oil (+ $3.00)
Organic salmon gravlax, shallots in white wine reduction, balsamic caramel
Homemade black pudding with apple, cooked in a bain-marie, mostarda and croutons


Farfalle (hot cold) fresh tomatoes, almonds, parsley, lemon zest, olive oil and grana padano or walnut garnish
Risotto with seasonal vegetables, grana padano or walnut garnish
Raclette Pèlerin, salmon trout, smoked salmon, Fritz Kaiser raclette; mashed potatoes; pickles
Ceviche scallop from the Magdalen Islands, shrimps and walleye from the lake; crunchy vegetable salad
Marinated and grilled pork loin; green beans with herb butter; masshed potatoes
Lemon Chicken, Boston lettuce, cream, mustard and blueberries

Organic salmon tartare; salad and chips
Wagyu beef tartare; salad and chips

Almond and candied oranges
Lemon and orange ice cream pie
Alaska bomb, ice cream, raspberries, pistachios and meringue
Chocolate pie and fruit coulis